jQuery is not defined - FireBug
Do you get “jQuery is not defined” as an error after a fresh WordPress Install? JavaScript not working at your admin panel? Don’t worry, I have the solution.

After installing two new WordPress installations with defective admin JavaScript that won’t allow me to

I understood I was having some kind problem with the Javascript jQuery library.

I deactivated all the plugins and nothing happened. Then I started looking at the source code and googeling for quite a long time. After some serious research I discovered what caused the issue.

The Problem

While uploading the WordPress installation files onto the server I had some issues that cause some of the JavaScript files to not be uploaded / be corrupted.

The Solution

Re upload the wp-includesjs folder and overwrite whatever is in there.
That’s what fixed it for me.

I hope this helped someone, if it does, or does not – comment to help or get help.

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