Have you heard about Google’s latest service – Google Cloud Print?

It’s a cool service which allows you to print stuff from your home printer using any other computer in the world or even (and especially) mobile devices.

The service is still in beta, so right now you can only print through mobile devices with HTML5 compliant browsers which can access Google’s Gmail and Docs mobile version.
They claim that their next step is embedding this functionality in Chrome OS notebooks.

It kind of looks like they skipped over Google Chrome’s version.
That’s why I developed an extension for Google Chrome through which you may print using the Google Cloud Print service to any of your connected printers.

I encountered quite a few technical challenges while developing this extension. But I’ve overcome all of then and I’m proud to present the final outcome.
Everyone is welcome to download and study the extension’s source code.


You may download the extension here: (A 5 star rating will be greatly appreciated :)

What does the extension do?

The extension gives you the ability to print any doc/pdf/txt file, Gmail attachment, email or Google Docs document using Google Cloud Print™.


Here are some screenshots of the extension in action:

Some more screenshots people took I found on Flicker:


Print a pdf/doc/txt/jpg/jpeg file

Navigate your way to the desired file and click the extension’s icon.

The icon will appear on the left side of the address bar only when the current tab’s URL ends with .pdf, .doc or .txt.

Print a Gmail attachment or email

Look for the “Print using Google Cloud Print” links (you can see where they are located in the screenshots).

Print a Google Docs document

Open a document and click File > Print using Google Cloud Print.

Demo Video

Here is a demo video of the extension in action (thanks to Digital Inspiration):


Version 0.31 (5/3/1011)

Version 0.3 (15/2/1011)

Version 0.22 (10/2/1011)

Version 0.21 (9/2/1011)

Version 0.2 (7/2/1011)


This extension has been broadly reviewed by bloggers and news sites:


Please leave any feedback / suggestions you might have at the extension’s feedback forum (no registration needed):

or in the comments section below, or by contacting me.

Learn more

About Google Cloud Print™:

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32 Responses to Print Using Google Cloud Print™ – Google Chrome Extension

  • nda says:

    Happy to see you liked my screenshots. ;-)


  • nishad says:

    g8 work dude …

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  • ribt e baker says:

    The Google print icon does not show up where is it, can’t see it anywhere.

    • Oren Yomtov says:

      “The icon will appear on the left side of the address bar only when the current tab’s URL ends with .pdf, .doc or .txt.”
      Are you viewing a pdf/doc/txt file and the icon is not showing up?

  • Oren, this is an awesome extension! I gave it five stars.

  • Ismail Meghani says:

    WHAT / HOW TO DO ,

    • Oren Yomtov says:

      Please, please don’t use type with caps lock on.
      I don’t understand what you are talking about. Can you explain it again and show a screenshot of the situation?

  • Sal says:


    Only the new files that I create in google docs show the option of cloud printing in the File menu. When I open the docs I already have, they don’t show the “Print Using Google Cloud Print” option under the file menu..
    This might be a general question regarding cloud print. Is it possible to print a file sitting on my drive using cloud printing, because when I click print on a file, it takes me to the traditional menu, I don’t know how to invoke google cloud print on a file sitting on my drive.
    Many thanks!


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  • Shine says:

    can google cloud print integrate with active directory?

  • DustyB says:

    I can’t seem to get this to work, everytime I click the printer icon on a page where Cloud printing is available, all I get is a little white dot to come up. I’ve tried restarting Chrome and the whole computer itself, but it still happens. Possibly something I’m doing wrong? Help please, I really want to get this working! It would make my life so much easier!

  • FIP says:

    Is there some standalone install of this extension? Im not sure about the reason but every time i tried to download any extension from google, i get:

    Chrome Web Store
    Actualmente no se puede acceder a la aplicación
    (in English it mind “actually you cant get to the application”)

  • Glenn says:

    i’m using a mac with the latest google chrome installed
    however i can not find the icon when in google docs
    therefore i cannot print in google docs
    Does anyone know what to do?

  • Kalle says:


    This is not directly related to your work but I am wondering if you know how I can add print through Google Cloud Print to my own webapp?

    Since Chrome now has support for it and I have tested printing from Gmail and so on, I should be able to send a print job also from my own webapp. But I cannot find any developer guide for this? Only guides for developing printers.

    Would appreciate to hear what you know about it!


  • Lucas says:

    The extension works fine when I’m printing directly from a file like a .jpg or a .pdf

    However, when I try to print a gmail Attachment or an GDocs Document i got the following message:

    Bad response from the server.

    Anyone else is having this problem?

  • FIP says:

    Can you share the .crx file from your page? im getting some problems to download it from google.

    Thanks a lot.

  • George says:

    I like this one as well, Thanks a lot Oren

  • Soma says:

    Very useful plugin! And appreciate your work there.

    I do have an issue to report.

    I am not sure if you have experienced this though; but me and some of my friends have seen this too often. The ‘Print using Google Cloud Print’ and ‘Print all using Google Cloud Print’ links that normally appear against a supported attachment and to the right of all emails respectively disappear some time (days) after installing the plug-in. However, if I uninstall and reinstall the plugin, they appear again. But they do disappear after a while after which I have to install and re-install again. this happens with 0.31 and had happened earlier with 0.30.

  • Val says:

    I installed the extension, and it is not working for anything at all. I have a Mac, would that make a difference in the performance of Chrome and it’s extensions?

  • Loda says:

    I can see the icon appears on the left side of the address bar only when the current tab’s URL ends with .pdf, .doc or .txt, but the Google print icon does not show up when viewing a jpg or jpeg file. Can you tel me where is it. Thank you!

  • Max says:

    I cannot add a new printer to my account. I installed the extension but in the options menu Cloud Print does not appear, where it should appear. Using: Chromium 11.0.696.71 (0) on Linux. Any idea?

  • David Perrotta says:

    Hi Oren,

    I successfully installed your extension (on two different machines, both running XP). I am able to load and successfully print your test page at:

    However, when I try to load any other PDF file into Chrome, although I DO see the Cloud Print icon in the location bar, when I attempt to print I consistently get the error message “invalid content”. From what I can see elsewhere online, other users are having this problem as well. Any suggestions from you will be greatly appreciated.


  • vinod says:

    Good work,I am able to print pdf which are on web. unable to print pdf which are stored on my local hdd to a cloud printer.It says invalid content.

  • Nicolette Call says:

    love love love this extension. Google Cloud Print has brought a new freedom to my life that I have been willing to spend money on for several years. A couple things though: Sometimes when the Google Cloud Print box comes up, it shows twice the printers that I actually have. For instance, I have an Epson CX3800 printer connected to GCP but when the print box comes up, it shows that I have two. If I select one of them, it will send it to Cloud, if I select the other, it will try to print it locally. It also shows other duplicates, and if the screenshot shows up below, I will post it it so that you can see what I mean.

    I can deal with the other glitches (print jobs disappearing into The Cloud, having to uninstall/reinstall the extension to get it to print, etc.), just to have this awesome ability plugged into my browser while being able to stay unplugged from my printer! I do look forward to seeing future updates. Thanks for your continued work on this!

  • Mark says:

    Hi. I’m a teacher and would love this extension to work for my students. I’d like for them to be able to print a Google Doc from their computer (not their phone) at home. It seems like they should be able to with your extension (the Google Doc has the correct URL — with the /d/ in it — but I don’t see a “Print with Google Cloud Print” option anywhere.

    Can you help me? Thank you!

  • Annoyed former user says:

    Can you comment about why you decided to add coupish adware without telling users?

    • Oren Yomtov says:


      I added the couponish coupon service to try and see if giving my users relevant coupons that will maybe save them money, can earn me some pocket money.

      You are right that I did not inform my users about it.
      I now realized it, and edited the change log at the extension’s page to reflect the coupon service’s addition.

      Let me clarify that it does not install any software on your computer, and it is not spyware or any other form of malware.
      Every user of this extension can decide to disable/uninstall this extension, and by doing that, completely remove the coupon service.

      Let me apologize if this offended anyone.
      All I’m doing is trying to earn a few bucks (and on the way, help people) for the time and resources I spent on this project.

      Have a nice day,

  • ooooooo says:

    Can i print word docs that are not in google through this?

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