I got tired from searching for song lyrics online while watching music videos on YouTube.
So I write this simple, yet extremely useful Chrome extension.

It’s called “Lyrics for YouTube™” and you can download it at the Google Chrome extensions gallery:

With one click of a button, the lyrics will appear right next to the music video, at a very natural fashion. This way, you have the playing music video and the song’s lyrics, in a beautiful side by side comfortable display.

Usage instructions – Click the extension’s icon and the song’s lyrics will magically appear right next to the video.

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Have you heard about Google’s latest service – Google Cloud Print?

It’s a cool service which allows you to print stuff from your home printer using any other computer in the world or even (and especially) mobile devices.

The service is still in beta, so right now you can only print through mobile devices with HTML5 compliant browsers which can access Google’s Gmail and Docs mobile version.
They claim that their next step is embedding this functionality in Chrome OS notebooks.

It kind of looks like they skipped over Google Chrome’s version.
That’s why I developed an extension for Google Chrome through which you may print using the Google Cloud Print service to any of your connected printers.

I encountered quite a few technical challenges while developing this extension. But I’ve overcome all of then and I’m proud to present the final outcome.
Everyone is welcome to download and study the extension’s source code.


You may download the extension here: (A 5 star rating will be greatly appreciated :)

What does the extension do?

The extension gives you the ability to print any doc/pdf/txt file, Gmail attachment, email or Google Docs document using Google Cloud Print™.


Here are some screenshots of the extension in action:

Some more screenshots people took I found on Flicker:


Print a pdf/doc/txt/jpg/jpeg file

Navigate your way to the desired file and click the extension’s icon.

The icon will appear on the left side of the address bar only when the current tab’s URL ends with .pdf, .doc or .txt.

Print a Gmail attachment or email

Look for the “Print using Google Cloud Print” links (you can see where they are located in the screenshots).

Print a Google Docs document

Open a document and click File > Print using Google Cloud Print.

Demo Video

Here is a demo video of the extension in action (thanks to Digital Inspiration):


Version 0.31 (5/3/1011)

Version 0.3 (15/2/1011)

Version 0.22 (10/2/1011)

Version 0.21 (9/2/1011)

Version 0.2 (7/2/1011)


This extension has been broadly reviewed by bloggers and news sites:


Please leave any feedback / suggestions you might have at the extension’s feedback forum (no registration needed):

or in the comments section below, or by contacting me.

Learn more

About Google Cloud Print™:

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Yesterday, I attended WordCamp Jerusalem 2010 and lectured about WordPress 3.

My presentation included some very handy code snippets, links and information so I decided to upload it to slideshare for anyone to catch up.

The video:

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My brother and I developed a first person minesweeper game in 3D, using the UNITY game development platform. Give it a shot (click to play):

We’ve also built a Facebook application version of this game, available to play at:

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If the question intrigues you, this video of me lecturing about it will probably answer it for you. This video was shot last month in a user-generated content meeting organized by StartupSeeds.

The lecture is in Hebrew but there are English subtitles available.

This is my personal list of the best stuff I’ve discovered while checking out Google Reader Play. Reader Play is a cool new feature of Google Reader. I’ll give Google the honor to explain what it is:

Google Reader Play is a fast, fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web. No more looking for blogs, feeds, or sites — we’ll bring the best of the best directly to you via Reader Play.

The Best Of Web 2.0

I think I’ll be making more posts like this from time to time. Until then, don’t forget to have fun and remember – sharing is caring.

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First, thank you for the bug reports. Without them, new & enhanced versions simply won’t come out.

The plugin now has better video detection capabilities, and a serious bug regarding the auto thumbnailing feature is fixed.

You can download the new version at:

Any bug reports, feature requests or comments are welcomed in the comments section below.

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dot comHave a look at your browser’s address bar – your sight is just fine. You actually are on orenyomtov.com as opposed to this morning, when this website lived under the .info TLD.

It has been quite a long time since I made the decision to move to the new domain. But there were two drawbacks which delayed the domain transfer. The first one is lack of time, and the second one is… Well, my laziness.

Anyways, I thought I would share some of the steps I took in order to move the website to the new domain. I was lucky enough that I didn’t have to change hosts. Doing that may have required some additional steps.

  1. I bought the new domain and linked it to my hosting.
  2. I downloaded the latest WordPress installation and uploaded it into the new domain by FTP (Looking for an FTP client?).
  3. I copied the wp-content folder. And in my case, the “downloads” folder which is the folder I chose to store the uploads in (Default is wp-content/uploads).
  4. I also copied the wp-config.php file and the .htaccess file.
  5. I used the Search and Replace WordPress plugin to replace “orenyomtov.info” with “orenyomtov.com” in the database.
  6. I notified Google of the domain change in Google Webmaster Tools.
  7. I exported a new sitemap using the Google XML Sitemap Generator plugin and submitted it to Google Webmaster Tools.
  8. I opened a new Google Analytics account and deployed the new tracking code in the theme I copied in step 3.
  9. I edited the old .htaccess file to contain only:
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteRule (.*) http://orenyomtov.com/$1 [R=301,L]
  10. I updated my FeedBurner account and all other similar services.
  11. I updated my website to the new URL in all of my favorite social platforms (@orenyomtov) and forums.
  12. Twit twit.
  13. And then I began writing this post.

The move didn’t take as long as I expected it to take. Even though it does seem a little complicated after writing it all down.

I hope that your move will be as smooth as mine. Good luck, Oren.

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I’ve received many emails complaining that the plugin does not recognize YouTube videos. Because of lack of time, I delayed the update until now.

I just released an update to the plugin which should solve most of the issues that I was contacted about.

Go ahead and download the new version:

Last month I participated in two amazing events. The first one is The Big Geek and is considerably similar to the second event called Startup Weekend. They both took place in Israel.

The Big Geek II

BigGeek 2 Logo


This event was organized by StartupSeeds, a non-profit organisation encouraging teen Israeli entrepreneurs to make their first steps in the entrepreneurship world. Whether it’s by giving them a place to talk about technology, or by conducting monthly meetings with the most interesting lectures (for free!). StartupSeeds even assists young innovative kids with starting their own startups by providing them financial help and the best mentors available. The online forum and meetings created a large and friendly community for the Israeli teenager who breaths technology and internet.

What’s the event about?

Sixteen kids (Ages 14-18), divided into four “teams”, worked 24 hours non-stop on their unique idea for a startup. Each team raised a fully working service within those 24 hours (!). While the projects are not breath-taking nor unbelievable, they are still awesome considering the time spent working on them. Actually, they’re awesome not matter what.

The project that my team and I developed is FixedInch. It’s a free online service for displaying objects in their real size over any screen in the world. We have discussed the possibility to continue working on it, and we most likely will, in the near future.

What else can I say? It was an awesome experience that I will never forget. It was 24 hours of fun and jokes, some of could not be told anywhere else like (via @TalDromi):

“Let’s use JSON for this”
“Who’s this Jason you are talking about?”
“XML’s brother!”

View photos from the event

Startup Weekend Israel 2009

Startup Weekend Israel

This is a world-wide known event, which started in 2007. Since then it took place in over 50 cities and growing (!). This is kind of a grown-up version of the Big Geek.

During the first day, 140 Israeli entrepreneurs pitched 50 unique ideas which turned into thirteen motivated teams. Each team consisted of about 4-8 people who designed and developed their idea for three days. The second day was all about work and food (lots of it!). On the third day of the event, the teams finished their work and presented their project.

Frayer Meter
My team and I worked on Frayer Meter – an online free service that suggests the most economical cellular plan according to one’s needs. While it’s not fully functional, we plan to continue working on it as we believe in it’s potential.

NOTE: If you don’t know Hebrew, feel free to use Google Translate when visiting links from this post.

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