YouTube New LogoI have received a request from someone that wants even more from my WordPress Custom Fields Plugin. He has a category called “videos” which has posts with YouTube videos embedded with some plugin. He wants to put the videos thumbnail as the post’s thumbnail.

First, how is the video embedded in the post? It uses the following syntax:


Post Editor Buttons?

This plugins allows you to add your own buttons to the post edtor’s toolbar.
I’m talking about the buttons that you see above your content text area when editing posts (b,i,link,img,ul,li).
For example you can add a “h3″ button to make subheaders in your post.
There are virtually endless buttons you can add.


Here is the plugins interface:
Post Editor Buttons Interface

This is the output of the above settings:
Post Editor Buttons Output


You can visit the plugin’s WordPress.org page, download the plugin right away and upload it into your plugins directory.


Comment whatever is on your mind.

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WordPress at Google
WordPress is a great search engine optimized system even right out of the box but there is a lot more to do if you want to improve it.
If you have a blog or a website, you probably want people to come and read what you have there and this is where the SEO comes into place.
About eighty percent of a website’s traffic (traffic = visitors) comes from search engines like Google. If you want to increase the traffic coming from search engines you need to rank higher in the results, in order to do so you need to search engine optimize your website.

The most important things you need to do with your WordPress website are:

  • Use Pretty Permalinks.
    What does this mean? If you take a look at the address bar when viewing this post (not through the homepage or archive pages) you will see that the address is not something like http://orenyomtov.com/?p=123 (the default in WordPress), instead it’s http://orenyomtov.com/wordpress-seo-tips.html. This way you have the keywords of your title also in the URL and that helps a lot.
  • Use All In One SEO Pack plugin and change the post title tag from %post_title% - %blog_title% to %post_title% - %blog_title%.
    Why? This swaps the blog’s name and the post’s name in the <title></title> tag. The first words in the title tag are more important from the last words so putting the post’s name first makes the page title more relevant to it’s content. e.g. before Oren Yomtov’s Website - WordPress SEO Tips, after WordPress SEO Tips - Oren Yomtov’s Website.
  • Use tags and categories wisely. They can contribute a lot to your search engine ranking as well as do nothing/hurt your ranking.
    Don’t use too many tags (I say use about 4-8 tags per post), and when you do use them, try to use the same tags over and over again. WordPress Simple Tags plugin may help you with that. Try not to create more then 2 new tags for each post (of course when writing the first posts of the blog, almost all of the tags will be new). The same goes for categories, there is no need for lots empty/one post categories. When creating categories think what will help the user to navigate through your site and that will be the best for SEO most of the time.
  • Use Google Sitemap Generator plugin in order to auto generate the sitemap of your website each time you add a post/page. This helps Google to reach pages that they might not reach otherwise. After you install this plugin and make sure it works (check your sitemap.xml file), add & verify your website at Google Webmaster Tools and then submit the sitemap.

Remember, at the end of the day, your website is not for Google’s crawlers. It’s for humans, average users like you and me. So you need to keep the balance between what’s good for search engine optimizing, and what’s good for your readers.

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Plugin Description

Mass Custom Fields Manager (MCFM) is a plugin I wrote in order to help people who use WordPress to manage their post’s custom fields with ease.
If you don’t want to spend your time editing each and every single post’s custom fields to the same value or you want to delete/update specific posts you don’t have another tool that let’s you do that.

Here is a screenshot of the plugins interface:
Custom Fields Manager

You can choose posts by category,ID,custom field value and more and with a click of a button manage their custom fields.

Download Link

The download link for the Mass Custom Fields Manager WordPress Plugin by Oren Yomtov.

FAQ and Feedback

If you have any questions please comment or contact me through the contact page.

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NoMeta is a new plugin I wrote.
I wrote this plugin after getting to frame #45/tip #25 at this Yoast.com Presentation.
Basicly this plugin is those 3 lines of code :). I thought I’ll make life easier for people, so they don’t need to retype those lines and try to insert them into WordPress in some way.

Download Link:
Click here to download the NoMeta plugin for WordPress.

If you have any question or requests, please leave a comment or contact me.