This is my personal list of the best stuff I’ve discovered while checking out Google Reader Play. Reader Play is a cool new feature of Google Reader. I’ll give Google the honor to explain what it is:

Google Reader Play is a fast, fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web. No more looking for blogs, feeds, or sites — we’ll bring the best of the best directly to you via Reader Play.

The Best Of Web 2.0

I think I’ll be making more posts like this from time to time. Until then, don’t forget to have fun and remember – sharing is caring.

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Filling a testWhen one goes to a job interview, mostly in retail stores and other similar jobs, a test is often asked to be filled. The purpose of the test is to aid the filtering process of the applications in there.

My brother emailed me an interesting answer sheet for one of those tests. You should really take a look at it, there are some very interesting answers and questions.

For example, every question has four possible answers:

And only one correct answer, but according to the answer key: “Disagree” or “Agree” are NEVER the right answer to any question, even though any sensible person will have mixed feelings about all these questions.

Nevertheless, I have found several particularly interesting answers for questions I know I would have answered differently:

And some other answers that quite surprised me:

I found these tests to be anti-ambitious and anti-innovative. They are simply looking for strait-forward, friendly and rule obeying employees. What is your opinion?

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I used to having FlashFXP as my default FTP client. It’s fast (so I thought), easy to use and I feel comfortable using it because I know some keyboard shourtcuts.
Even in my workplace where FileZilla was the default FTP client that everyone used, I insisted on bringing my disk-on-key with a portable version of FlashFXP.

When you start using a particular FTP client it’s very hard to say goodbye. You already have all the usernames,passwords and hosts laying there ordered just as you like it. You don’t even think about moving the whole list to another client one by one. Another thing that keeps you from changing your FTP client is that FTP access is very sensitive and you don’t want to transfer/rename/delete files by accident. Deleting or overwriting a certain file that has no backup can cost you a lot of valuable time.

So why did I change my client software? There were two major differences between FileZilla and FlashFXP that convinced me to switch.

  1. The speed, oh the speed. With FlashFXP you can’t transfer two files at the same time while using FileZilla you can transfer up to 10(!) files simultaneously. This improves the transfer time of say… a WordPress install in hundreds of percents.
  2. Simultaneous file editing.When using FlashFXP to edit files you can only edit one file at a certain time. While editing that file you can do nothing until you commit the file and after committing the file, if you wish to continue editing it you need to close your text editor and reopen the file. Luckily FileZilla improves the file editing experience and brings it into a new level. In FileZilla you can edit as many files as you want at the same time, you can do whatever you want while editing (Such as browsing folders, refreshing the file list,committing other files and so on…) and you don’t have to close and reopen the file each time you make a change.

This was my experience using FTP clients, as for the FTP accounts list, I just add them one by one each time I need to log in to a certain website.

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That’s right, you’ve heard me right. I can get you an extreme deal of gadgets, electronics and other stuff that you don’t really need for an extremely low price and with no shipping cost at all!

Take a look at, it’s just amazing. You can get all the cables that your nearby computer stores sell for 25$+ or just 5$ and other stuff like that. Here are a couple of examples:

That’s just a handful of items you can get there. Just be careful not to spend too much, it looks very cheap but when you take many products that each one cost 2$-3$ it adds up to big amounts. My brother just got his second order yesterday :). Now I’m waiting for a cable that’s on its way.