I was curious to see what’s inside a wireless keyboard that was laying around the house. So I cracked it open. And boy did I learn some interesting stuff.

Tip of the day – follow your curiosity and instincts. Only good can come out of it.
Or like National Geographic says: “Live Curious“.

Anyhow, I had some fun with what used to be a wireless keyboard and this is the end result:

The odd ball at the top acts as the mouse. It’s surprisingly comfortable and accurate.
The upper trigger acts as a left mouse button.
The lower trigger acts as a right mouse button.
The scroll wheel at the bottom acts as a… scroll wheel.

You can turn the remote sideways and control any TV using the mini universal remote control glued to the side (thanks eBay!).

It comes real handy when watching TV series while in bed (oh the laziness!).

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