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WordPress Unsplash Gallery Widget Plugin

If you maintain an active profile on Unsplash, you might want to showcase your latest and greatest photos on your WordPress site’s sidebar as a dynamic gallery. In a similar fashion to what many people do today with their Instagram and Flickr feeds. I didn’t find any existing solution, so I’ve created a plugin the does just that. You can see a live demo at this site’s...

Lyrics for YouTube™ – a Google Chrome Extension

I got tired from searching for song lyrics online while watching music videos on YouTube. So I write this simple, yet extremely useful Chrome extension. It’s called “Lyrics for YouTube™” and you can download it at the Google Chrome extensions gallery: With one click of a button, the lyrics will appear right next to the music video, at a very natural fashion. This way, you have...

Print Using Google Cloud Print™ – Google Chrome Extension

Background Have you heard about Google’s latest service – Google Cloud Print? It’s a cool service which allows you to print stuff from your home printer using any other computer in the world or even (and especially) mobile devices. The service is still in beta, so right now you can only print through mobile devices with HTML5 compliant browsers which can access Google’s...

How To View a Google Chrome Extension’s Full Source Code

You can extract and view any Google Chrome extension’s full source code following the following easy steps. Every Google Chrome extension is basically a CRX file. When you click the “Install” button on the Google Chrome extension gallery you are basically clicking a link of the extension’s CRX file. The first step is downloading the extension’s CRX file. Instead of...

WordPress 3 and You

Yesterday, I attended WordCamp Jerusalem 2010 and lectured about WordPress 3.
My presentation included some very handy code snippets, links and information so I decided to upload it to slideshare for anyone to catch up.

The video:

First Person Minesweeper 3D

My brother and I developed a first person minesweeper game in 3D, using the UNITY game development platform.

We've also built a Facebook application version of this game, available to play at:

Get the Direct Link to a Post’s Featured Image

I used WordPress’ get_the_post_thumbnail() function in order to output the current post’s featured image. It was great, until I had to link to the featured image. To do that, I needed the value of the SRC attribute of that IMG tag, i.e., the direct link to the featured image. Thanks to phpxref, and the WordPress Codex, I managed to write a small useful function just for that. Without...

What is WordPress?

If the question intrigues you, this video of me lecturing about it will probably answer it for you. This video was shot last month in a user-generated content meeting organized by StartupSeeds.

The lecture is in Hebrew but there are English subtitles available.

Hello, I’m Oren and I’m a New Ventures Consultant.

I co-founded a VC-funded startup acting as CTO, worked in Silicon Valley, served in IDF's Technological Unit, and these days I'm providing consulting services to startups and enterprises.

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