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How To View a Google Chrome Extension’s Full Source Code

You can extract and view any Google Chrome extension’s full source code following the following easy steps. Every Google Chrome extension is basically a CRX file. When you click the “Install” button on the Google Chrome extension gallery you are basically clicking a link of the extension’s CRX file. The first step is downloading the extension’s CRX file. Instead of...

How to get a plugin page

My No Meta WordPress Plugin finally got his own WordPress dot Org page. Now I’m waiting for my Mass Custom Fields Manager to get approved. I always wanted to have my own plugin page :). It just makes me proud to be an owner of an open-source plugin. Howto get a WordPress plugin page In order to get a plugin page at (like ) you need to do a couple of things as described below:...

WordPress Templates Complete Guide & Tips

A theme consists of many files, this can get very confusing very fast. What files are needed? What files runs when and why? Here are the explanations and tips about WordPress template files. First things first, what is a template exactly? A template is a PHP file that is a part of a theme. For example, there is a template for displaying the home page, one for displaying pages and another one for...

Disable WordPress Smilies in Posts and Comments

I hate those small evil graphics If you want to put an end to those annoying smilies that replace your text in posts & comments, follow the next instructions. First, what are smilies? Smileys, also known as “emoticons”, are little faces that help you display various emotions. Text smileys are created by typing two or more punctuation marks like :) and :-( Here is the full list of...

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