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How to get a plugin page

My No Meta WordPress Plugin finally got his own WordPress dot Org page. Now I’m waiting for my Mass Custom Fields Manager to get approved. I always wanted to have my own plugin page :). It just makes me proud to be an owner of an open-source plugin. Howto get a WordPress plugin page In order to get a plugin page at (like ) you need to do a couple of things as described below:...

NoMeta – WordPress Plugin

NoMeta is a new plugin I wrote. I wrote this plugin after getting to frame #45/tip #25 at this Presentation. Basicly this plugin is those 3 lines of code :). I thought I’ll make life easier for people, so they don’t need to retype those lines and try to insert them into WordPress in some way. Download Link: Click here to download the NoMeta plugin for WordPress. If you have...

Hello, Iā€™m Oren and Iā€™m a New Ventures Consultant.

I co-founded a VC-funded startup acting as CTO, worked in Silicon Valley, served in IDF's Technological Unit, and these days I'm providing consulting services to startups and enterprises.

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