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How To View a Google Chrome Extension’s Full Source Code

You can extract and view any Google Chrome extension’s full source code following the following easy steps. Every Google Chrome extension is basically a CRX file. When you click the “Install” button on the Google Chrome extension gallery you are basically clicking a link of the extension’s CRX file. The first step is downloading the extension’s CRX file. Instead of...

The Big Geek and Startup Weekend in Israel

Last month I participated in two amazing events. The first one is The Big Geek and is considerably similar to the second event called Startup Weekend. They both took place in Israel. The Big Geek II Startupseeds This event was organized by StartupSeeds, a non-profit organisation encouraging teen Israeli entrepreneurs to make their first steps in the entrepreneurship world. Whether it’s by...

PHP Timing

Lately, a fellow web developer of mine asked me why can’t he manage to save the current time in a MySQL table. The problem was that he didn’t understand how the PHP timing mechanism works. That’s why I decided to write this article. Working with PHP is easier than most people originally think. It is after all the general purpose scripting language used in web development. Once...

FileZilla vs. FlashFXP

I used to having FlashFXP as my default FTP client. It’s fast (so I thought), easy to use and I feel comfortable using it because I know some keyboard shourtcuts. Even in my workplace where FileZilla was the default FTP client that everyone used, I insisted on bringing my disk-on-key with a portable version of FlashFXP. When you start using a particular FTP client it’s very hard to...

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