WordPress 3 and You

Yesterday, I attended WordCamp Jerusalem 2010 and lectured about WordPress 3.
My presentation included some very handy code snippets, links and information so I decided to upload it to slideshare for anyone to catch up.

The video:

Get the Direct Link to a Post’s Featured Image

I used WordPress’ get_the_post_thumbnail() function in order to output the current post’s featured image. It was great, until I had to link to the featured image. To do that, I needed the value of the SRC attribute of that IMG tag, i.e., the direct link to the featured image. Thanks to phpxref, and the WordPress Codex, I managed to write a small useful function just for that. Without...

What is WordPress?

If the question intrigues you, this video of me lecturing about it will probably answer it for you. This video was shot last month in a user-generated content meeting organized by StartupSeeds.

The lecture is in Hebrew but there are English subtitles available.

WordPress Templates Complete Guide & Tips

A theme consists of many files, this can get very confusing very fast. What files are needed? What files runs when and why? Here are the explanations and tips about WordPress template files. First things first, what is a template exactly? A template is a PHP file that is a part of a theme. For example, there is a template for displaying the home page, one for displaying pages and another one for...

“jQuery is not defined” WordPress Error Fix

Do you get “jQuery is not defined” as an error after a fresh WordPress Install? JavaScript not working at your admin panel? Don’t worry, I have the solution. After installing two new WordPress installations with defective admin JavaScript that won’t allow me to Open the menus (in the admin panel’s left side) See the post editors toolbar Install new plugins Install...

Disable WordPress Smilies in Posts and Comments

I hate those small evil graphics If you want to put an end to those annoying smilies that replace your text in posts & comments, follow the next instructions. First, what are smilies? Smileys, also known as “emoticons”, are little faces that help you display various emotions. Text smileys are created by typing two or more punctuation marks like :) and :-( Here is the full list of...

WordPress SEO Tips

WordPress is a great search engine optimized system even right out of the box but there is a lot more to do if you want to improve it. If you have a blog or a website, you probably want people to come and read what you have there and this is where the SEO comes into place. About eighty percent of a website’s traffic (traffic = visitors) comes from search engines like Google. If you want to...

How to get a plugin page

My No Meta WordPress Plugin finally got his own WordPress dot Org page. Now I’m waiting for my Mass Custom Fields Manager to get approved. I always wanted to have my own plugin page :). It just makes me proud to be an owner of an open-source plugin. Howto get a WordPress plugin page In order to get a plugin page at (like ) you need to do a couple of things as described below:...

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I co-founded a VC-funded startup acting as CTO, worked in Silicon Valley, served in IDF's Technological Unit, and these days I'm providing consulting services to startups and enterprises.

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